Mirage III A3-16


Ex-RAAF Mirage III A3-16 was publicly restored in the Museum hangar as a working demonstration of how to return an old jet to it's former glory.

A3-16 landed wheels up at Tullamarine Airport, Victoria, in Oct 1974 and was converted to components for disposal in 1986.
The Mirage airframe has survived scrapping over the years and was finally acquired by CJFM in 1992. It was brought to the CJFM hangar in 1996. Despite enormous difficulties in finding Mirage airframe parts, sufficient components were gathered to ensure the restoration of this beautiful aircraft.

A3-16 saw service with the Aircraft Research and Development Unit and is now painted in original RAAF Aircraft Research and Development Unit colours and markings.

Engine - SNECMA ATAR 9C Axial Flow Turbojet

The Atar 9C axial flow turbojet is a French designed engine and was built under licence in Australia by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation. In all 192 engines were built and fitted to the RAAF Dassault Mirage III fighter bombers. The engine featured a nine stage compressor and an 8 stage stator rated at 9,430 lb thrust at 8,400 rpm. The engines weighed 3,209 lb.

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